Wolk’s Recent Books

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Hell’s Playground is dark, disturbing, twisted, and everything else that you look for in a horror novel or novelette. The writing is fantastic, drawing you deep into the text and helping the pages fly by as you squirm and quiver at the horrors within the human psyche. Wolk has a power with words and scenery that can bring even the most stoic man (or woman) to the brink of tears. The suspense in this book is amazing, and all of the characters are believable and superbly developed. If you’re looking for the next best horror novella, this is probably the one for you. Give it a read; you won’t be disappointed.

This book took me on a wild trip. The plot of Neanderthal zombies coming back to exact vengeance on the human race was something I never thought could be pulled off, but Greg did it. The characters were also great. Rebecca is a smoking hot anthropologist that is witty, smart, and tough. She figures out and explains the Neanderthal zombies with stunning believably. The gore and action was top notch and really kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed, since that’s where I read.) Awesome book!

What a wonderful book if you care about animals. Incredibull is the perfect character. He is quite the savior to his animal friends in need and promotes animal welfare throughout the story. The dialogue in the book spoken by Incredibull and his companions is absolutely charming. I felt like I was reading a Disney animated script as I was reading the book. The characters are larger than life and so well done. I think this is an inspiring, influential book with a wonderful sense of justice and a good message. I’d recommend to adults and older children.

“I thought The Givers was a deeply touching book and wonderful read. This story was something that you do not come across often; a piece that will tug at your emotions and show beauty in a way that some of us may have forgotten. The author did a great job delivering a story that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. I would recommend reading this if you are wanting to enjoy a book that is exceptionally uplifting and will remind you of what life is about. Get ready for a truly enlightening experience!

A Note From The Author

I don’t expect everyone to “get me” or my non-traditional style of writing — heck, most of the time even I don’t — but I hope that some of you do, and that the stories resonate and touch you.

If you dislike the novels, don’t look at me; blame the characters. After all, they write the stories, not I. When I write, I’m not thinking about how I want to take readers on a journey. Instead, the characters are the ones taking me on journeys, like stranded ghosts who need a voice before they agree to pass over.

Writing is the strangest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t understand why I need to do it, only that it’s the most emotionally liberating activity of my life. If you choose to accompany me on the trips on which my characters take me, welcome fellow traveler. Remember, they are the driver. You and I are the passengers, and sure, we can trade off between the front seat and back seat at each rest stop.